Truck Leasing Companies, Rihm Kenworth opens new facilities in South St. Paul and Coon Rapids

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Truck Leasing Companes, Rihm Kenworth opens new facilities in South St. Paul and Coon Rapids-Rihm Kenworth recently celebrated his new premises in South St. Paul and Coon Rapids, where a family business sells and maintains the world’s best KENWORTH trucks. Rihm Kenworth is the second oldest Kenworth representative in the world. The new premises reflect the company’s latest growth as they acquired the company’s car rental company last year.

Rihm Kenworth is the parent company of Rihm Family Companies (RFC). Two outlets in South St. Paul and Coon Rapids at RFC offer a full range of services including truck sales, hire, repair and sale. RFC currently has 21 offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota, with over 300 employees.

“We are delighted to be able to work in these two new locations and provide our customers with the same excellent service and superior experience,” said RFC’s CEO Kari Rihm. “If you need services, repairs or parts, we are a one-stop service.” 85 years in St. Paul Rihm Kenworth moved to South St Paul’s 68,000 square feet. , outside the historic Concord Street. The new multi-service Center Coon Rapids, located at the intersection of Motorways 610 and Boulevard Coon Rapids, covers an area of ​​75,000 square meters and is equipped with modern workplaces, body parts, insurance, diagnostics and much more. Harmonization and Correction

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New stores provide comfort and convenience for underfloor heating, waiting rooms for buyers and longer working hours. “We are building new offices with people,” Rihm said. “These services help us improve our services and offer our loyal customers in Minnesota and Wisconsin.”

Rihm not only improves its position. There is also a workforce with diesel machines, part-sales, delivery, warehousing and more. For more information on vacancies, visit

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