Lmc Truck Parts And Accessories, 1967 Ford F100- Project Speed Bump: Part 9

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Lmc Truck Parts And Accessories – Job Speed Bump is proceeding along perfectly and is currently looking like a vehicle. With the different crucial factors having actually currently been addressed, it received a Mercury Grand Marquis frontend in Part 2, was media-blasted partially 3, had a Dynatrac rearend and also TCI-sourced Wilwood brakes in the rear added in Part 4, had its bodywork resolved in Part 5, had its framework enhanced in Part 6, got a Line-X ‘d bed partly 7, and had one more pair of Wilwoods from TCI included in the front, along with a brand-new guiding rack, top and lower arms, and connect poles installed partially 8.

With the end in sight, it was currently time to obtain the truck back to LGE-CTS Motorsports in San Dimas, The golden state (which took care of several sections of this develop), to obtain it in the capable hands of master painter Teresa Contreras and also her just as skillful crew of painters to get the F-100 all quite and also prepared for its next dance. The suggestion was to keep the paint plan straightforward, however as we all recognize, basic is difficult to do appropriately. A two-tone (of sorts) was thought out, with everything below the beltline being Grigio Ferro, which is in fact a Ferrari color, while the roofing and also double pinstripe down the body line would be Victory Red, both Cromax Pro colors by Axalta. With those two colors being the only shades on the vehicle, the paint had to be mixed and splashed ideal, as there was no margin for error. Thankfully for us and also for Task Speed Bump, the crew at LGE-CTS depended on the job.

While this is just one of the last steps, this vehicle remains in no chance done. The light at the end of the tunnel remains in view, yet within a tunnel it still is. There will be a lot more installments to disclose the Banks-powered and also -tuned 630T 3.0 L turbodiesel V-6, but also for today it’s time to turn this plain collection of sheetmetal right into a dazzling truck body. So travel with the Truckin crew to LGE-CTS in SoCal and invest an afternoon in the paint booth to enjoy the transformation take place.

Lmc Truck Parts And Accessories

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