24Ft Box Truck For Sale, U-Haul Truck Sales®: Buy a Used 24ft Box Truck for Mid-to-Heavy

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24Ft Box Truck For Sale – With the GMC 5500 24′ box vehicle, there’s more than enough area to transport or shop every one of your big loads. This vehicle consists of a roll up door, Mom’s attic room, as well as reduced decks making loading and also unloading quick and also simple. Makes a best plaything hauler!

All U-Haul vehicle measurements are approximate. The devices you buy might vary in size, based upon the engineering/design specification of multiple-production versions.

The miles each gallon estimations are estimations for optimal driving conditions. Lots of problems could affect this number, consisting of driving with a tons, roadway grades, weather and also automobile rate.

Measurements: Box roofline inside: 24′, Box floor inside: 20′, Box inside width: 7′ 7″, Inside height: 7′ 1″, Box outside width: 8′, Outdoors elevation: 11′, Approximate box weight: 3400 lbs., Wheelbase: 229″, Packing ramp size: 8′ 1″, Filling ramp size: 31″, Back door opening elevation: 6′ 10″, Back door opening up width: 7′ 7″, Aluminum ramp on the back: 7′ 6″X 29″large, Taxicab to axle: 156″, Taxi to end of framework: 249″.

24Ft Box Truck For Sale

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